Table Management

Full featured table management system with simple color coding to indicate status.

Restaurant Table Management System

Guest List Management

Concise guest list management with support for multiple guest types. Active waiting list sorted by priority based on time in or estimated seat time.

Restaurant Waiting List Software

Online Reservations or Call Ahead Seating

Supports guest reservations or call aheads originating from your web site or ours. Mobile support allows guests to book via smartphone.

Online Restaurant Reservations Software

Hybrid Text Message and Restaurant Paging

One trick pony? Not us. We have been around long enough to know that supporting restaurant pagers is still a neccessity for many restaurants depending on market and demographic.

Built for Single Operators or Enterprise

Our system architecture is designed to support single operations, or multi unit/multi concept parent groups looking to promote consistency in execution and administration from a central location.

iPod Touch and iPhone Extensions

Mobile extensions provide invaluable additions to the main system. Distribute your workload across multiple workers to streamline processes, and eliminate human error and unecessary communication.


  • Simple, streamlined interface
  • Predictive Wait Quoting
  • Supports multiple guest types - Walk ins, call aheads, advanced call aheads, and reservations
  • 2-way SMS Text Messaging
  • Restaurant Pager Interface
  • Reserve online or by smartphone
  • Thermal printing capable
  • Multi unit and concept/franchise optimized
  • 24/7 on demand report provides metrics for efficiency, labor forecasts, and FOH operations.
  • Remote handheld extensions eliminate paper passing, miscommunication, and human error
  • Auto-seating feature matches open tables with waiting parties
  • Pinmap study allows you to collect zip codes and see where your guests are coming from
  • Flexible hardware support. We will custom tailor your solution to fix your needs and budget
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