Our Passion

At Smart Touch Technology, we pride ourselves for having a passion for developing sleek, effective, and scalable applications. Not only do we build functional browser based web applications, but our true knack lies in developing touch enabled applications that interface with external peripherals such as thermal and label printers, barcode scanners, bluetooth probes, and 3rd party web API's.


Have an idea or project that you want to bring to fruition? Drop us a note and we would be glad to talk about it. Here are some of the main services we offer:

Software as a service

Developing Saas solutions is the heart of our business. We can take your idea and architect it to be shared across an infinite number of users, each being delivered their own isolated experience.

.NET Application Development

We specialize in custom application development using Microsoft technologies. Our core development leverages the .NET Framework, and is typically written in C#.

Mobile Device Development

By leveraging the power and portability of mobile devices and mobile technology, we can develop custom applications that run on Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android platforms. These devices can be used by field reps or in-house staff to consume services via the internet or intranets. With HTML5 standards and the power of mobile browsers, we can develop cost-effective portable extensions that interface with larger scale hosted applications.

Database Design

Our database of choice for all application development is Microsoft SQL Server. This relational database engine provides a reliable repository for applications of any size. Our data driven solutions are performance tuned by analyzing query execution plans and indexing. In addition to SQL Server, for larger solutions we typically introduce a distributed caching layer to reduce repetitive read cycles against the underlying data source. In-memory caching is highly optimized and provides a level of scalable performance not seen in relational databases.

Strategic Integration

Whether it's developing business intelligence reports around data merged from multiple sources, or getting our hands dirty with interfacing with your point of sale system, integration can be challenging at times but rewarding. We understand the complexity of modern and legacy business systems and can provide technical expertise in combining hardware and software systems into a cohesive solution.

Core Technology

  • .NET Framework (C#/VB.Net)
  • JQuery/JQuery UI
  • Entity Framework
  • JSON
  • Memcached
  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • Crystal Reports