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HACCP Management

Throw away the clipboard and stacks of paper! Electronically manage virtually any paper checklist with our flexible system. Supports many data input types from simple yes/no and free form text, to hi/low range validated temperature probing. Electronically stored and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

PrepWorx Restaurant HACCP Management

Recipe Viewing

Manage and distribute your recipes from a central location. Complete with training video and image support, batch multiplication, and beautiful user interface. Multi-unit and concept support promotes consistency and simple administration. Don't worry, all of your recipes are encrypted, and only you have the keys.

PrepWorx Restaurant Recipe Viewer

Label Printing

Still using masking tape? The PrepWorx system has support for 3 different label types: Rotation labels, lot labels, and shelf labels. Each label is printed with a CODE128 barcode with a value that you define.

Prep Assignment Builder

Electronically build and manage your prep sheets from the tablet companion. Each prep cook is assigned individual tasks that the system manages, including integrated recipe viewing, status, labeling, and ultimate accountability for time spent prepping items.

PrepWorx Restaurant Prep Automation


  • Simple, streamlined interface
  • Build custom checklists with yes/no questions, free form text, real-time temperatures, and more.
  • Integrated bluetooth temperature probe
  • Wireless tablet device with offline support
  • Recipe viewing with central administration and distribution
  • Multi-unit and concept support
  • Prep list builder electronically organizes prep lists and assignments
  • Capture prep time metrics for individual items
  • Wireless label printing with barcode support
  • On demand checklist report for auditing



Pricing starts at just $59 per month.

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